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As you know Jeunesse ’ Global is a company that does not offer the normal beauty creams but special creams to solve skin problems such as:

  • Remove wrinkles from your face
  • Permanently delete the bags from the eyes
  • Remove stretch marks
  • Permanently delete the small scar from the face and body
  • Permanently delete the signs of ’ age from the face and body
  • Elimination in 2 minutes of bags under the eyes (Instant cream which lasts 8 at 10 hours)

Also these products together with Jeunesse Global find the solution on how to lose weight fast and not resume more weight.

And’ a miracle?? NO, is only high technology patented by Jeunesse applied to beauty creams.

Jeunesse Global is the first company in the world to have applied stem cell technology for skin care! No Botox and stuff, only products that are safe and without side effects!

Other product is importatissimo Monavie Active and Monavie Essential, These two products are not of but of American ’ Jeunesse MonaVie. Thanks to the agreement signed in ’ 2015 Jeunesse Global distributors have exclusive ’ of sale of these products throughout the world, in fact, MonaVie has entrusted the sale of those products to the Global Youth (that is one of the first companies in the world in terms of turnover and sales network).

Why become a product distributor Jeunesse Global

Who is already an entrepreneur has already figured out the reason for the “Why become a product distributor Jeunesse Global”, If you're an entrepreneur you don't discourage reasons are as follows:

  • Unique products of their kind in fact anti aging creams of Youth you can find them from other companies, products fabulous anti oxidants (Monavie Active & MonaVie Essential) (read above), products that you can't find in the supermarket or other stores
  • High profit margin on the sale of products (read “How and where to buy products Jeunesse“)
  • Different possibilities to acquire customers (direct sales, selling via the internet, cheap ’ abroad, etc.)
  • Earn without having to deal with paperwork, taxes, licenses, etc. in fact is the ’ company that does it all. You have the only task to acquire customers, work and earn, everything else does Jeunesse.
  • THE MORE’ IMPORTANT: Creating your sales and earnings for the rest of my life and beyond….. In fact the sales network that you create the legacy you leave to your children, his wife, your cohabiting etc….

This last point is perhaps one of the most important. With Jeunesse Global you can create your own real company but without all the chores that entrepreneurs are to bear (particularly in Italy).

But it's all legal? Yes of course, This dates back to the days of opportunities “Mussolini” that has made it possible for Italian citizens to earn with the so-called “small trade” (actually, today is not… Fortunately taxes for this business are not changed). In other countries around the world this kind of trade was specially regulated and also favored but in Italy have not yet updated the ’ (forse è una fortuna 🙂 perché per come sono i nostri politici anziché favorirla la tasserebbero di più, don't you think?…. However in the world Italy ’ for this “small trade” is called a “tax haven”, very good no? ).

This brief period closed, THIS AND’ A ’ GREAT OPPORTUNITY’ by easy money but remember it's a BUSINESS JOB and as such if you work then GAINS, If you LOOK at the money you don't give them none!!

What I meant with earn from the sales that you make?

In traditional trade means that earnings and profits that make your job agents or distributors, This working method is more or less the same just change the terms or names used. In practice as well as gain on sale of products you sell (It's called direct sales) you have the option to allow other people to do work (and even companies) with you and the ’ company on all earnings that will make your “distributors” you will recognize a cash prize. SIMPLE NO?!

These gains of course will multiply all ’ infinity in when your collaborators “here called independent distributors” have your own ability so much more they earn the more you will earn. In this business system all work together and help others to earn because if your distributor will earn earn money.

Because I said that this is the most important point? Simple… because you alone you'd sell 100 creme, with 10 I'd sell employees 1.000 with 100 It'll sell 10,000 employees…. so if you help your employees to work with their other earn and your income will grow and indirect will multiply as a result.

If you want to talk to me about this opportunity, call me toll free 800.032 874, my name is Joseph.

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