Acai Berry MonaVie for our health and that of our loved ones


With time running our health is always in danger!!

After hundreds of investigations have concluded that requires that we take something that helps our body to “survive” fuds that make us

bacca di acaia

Monavie acaia Berry and other 19 fruits


After years and years of studies and researches have found a healthy product that comes from nature…. I tried ’ and benefits of acai berry You'll see them.



If you are interested you can also distribute it and earn.

On the internet I found a lot of information about acai berry and many companies that sell … who to trust?? I personally I trusted a ’ American company that besides manufacturing it does research and product testing and is on the market for many years. Made a product called MonaVie Active contains 19 healthful fruits and is useful if not essential for the well-being of our body.

Certainly not cheap… a bottle, ordering 4 Online, Coast around 35 euro but for health, first and foremost for our loved ones, those who do not spend!!

If you become a Distributor, the cost goes down a lot, around 25 Euro If you purchase 3 packs of 4 bottles and selling at the price of 40 Euro (This is the price we sell in single bottle) the beauty of earnings 180 Euro!!

And’ one of the most sought-after products then why not do some business??!!

With the material that you provide the product sells itself !!

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