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Watch this short video and you'll see how easy it is to


Creme Jeunesse scontanti Prices. Buy

Creme Jeunesse rates again for a few days

If you already know the prices of creme Juenesse buy Luminesce products on the site http://www.acai-e-salute.it/jeunesse-global-italia-prodotti-e-prezzi-scontati.html You'll be amazed!

For a few days you can purchase products at distributor prices Jeunesse and are shipped from Italy and delivered ’ 2-3 days.

You can pay with PayPal, by bank transfer or PayPal.

creme jeunesse prezzi offerta

Where to buy a good anti-wrinkle cream?

Very often people wonder where to buy a good anti-wrinkle cream?

But what is meant by GOOD anti wrinkle cream?

The commercial ones are good anti wrinkle creams because wrinkles disappear?

crema antirughe

The serum is a great ’ anti-wrinkle cream that repairs the skin

NO!! Unfortunately the commercial ones (those of the stalls I mean and I mean supermarkets and pharmacies and health food stores often), personally, I consider them good anti-wrinkle creams because wrinkles where they remain.

What can you do to get rid of these annoying wrinkles which mark our skin?


Jeunesse Global present in Italy, patented long fantastic anti-wrinkle creams that ACTUALLY solve the problem of wrinkles (make them DISAPPEAR)

If you do not create the problem of when you should spend to purchase the whole line of anti-wrinkle creams Jeunesse but if price is an issue then buy Jeunesse serum and cream Night.

Per acquistare queste REALMENTE BUONE creme antirughe basta andare sul sito http://dietabellezza.jeunesseglobal.com/and buy the following:

OTTIMA Crema antirughe LUMINESCE ™ cellular rejuvenation serum (http://dietabellezza.jeunesseglobal.com/products.aspx?p=LUMINESCE)

Migliore Crema Antirughe notte LUMINESCE ™, advanced night repair (http://dietabellezza.jeunesseglobal.com/products.aspx?p=LUMINESCE_ADVNIGHTREPAIR)


With daily use (applied following the recommendations) the average two anti-wrinkle creams (or perhaps better said repairing the skin) about durcano 2 months.

You can buy the cream Jeunesse “Serum” by clicking here (There is a particularly advantageous offer. Acquisti la crema antirughe quasi reseller price Jeunesse as preferred customer subscribing Italy Jeunesse – On the page that opens, just click on “Prefered customer”)


You want to contact me? Write me… or call me, I'll be happy to tell you my experience.

If you'd like to learn more, navigating this site, and also on the website http://www.acai-e-salute.it

A site that I recommend for lose weight fast is http://www.dimagriredna.com

Where and how to buy creams Jeunesse in Italy

Try the cream Jeunesse: If you get benefits (and I assure you that You'll), distribute the creams Jeunesse Italy – and if you want even more products –

The first step is to buy the cream Jeunesse (I suggest the Jeunsesse serum), with daily use (applied following the recommendations) lasts about 2 months.

You can buy the cream Jeunesse “Serum” by clicking here (There is a particularly advantageous offer. Purchases the product almost reseller price Jeunesse as preferred customer subscribing Italy Jeunesse – On the page that opens, just click on “Prefered customer”)
crema viso e corpo Jeunesse sierum anti-rughe

Cellular Rejuvenation Cream Serum – Cellular rejuvenation serum

If you already know Juenesse creams or want to enter directly in business, buy monavie distributor kits and Start with about 26 euro, you will receive the right tools in hand to bring the product to those who need it (practically all people) and start earning.

If you want to subscribe as Distributor go to site Jeunesse Global Italy by clicking HERE and enter your details. If you need help in recording you can view this page http://comerisparmiaresoldi.altervista.org/category/diventare-distributore-jeunesse/

If you simply want to buy other creams Jeunesse (face, body, anti-wrinkle, Instant cream) Click here (There are some particularly advantageous offers than buy them from the Distributor Youth Italia)

You want to contact me? Write me… or call me, I'll be happy to tell you my experience.

If you'd like to learn more, navigating this site, and also on the website http://www.acai-e-salute.it

A site that I recommend for lose weight fast is http://www.dimagriredna.com

Day face cream moisturizing and anti-aging

Day face cream anti-aging Moisturizer

crema viso e corpo anti etàPrice: € 53,54 + VAT

LUMINESCE ™ daily moisturizing complex

is a great ’ to use face cream all day that it needs moisturizer to the face.

And’ considered an excellent face cream that nourishes the facial skin of essential elements to keep a facial tonic and fight the effects of age ’ (anti age) and dell also pollution solar ’.

Those who try this cream Note the effects within a couple of weeks of use thanks to high quality of ’’Apple extracts, of lentil, Dell ’ watermelon, Dell and red algae ’ ’ aga green that are used in the composition of this face cream.

ASAP users but also users of this day face cream anti-aging moisturizer and notice a fantastic skin hydration and elasticity and tone ’.

The day cream LUMINESCE moisturizer has patented growth factor that restores cellular functions for a younger or juvenile look so fit at any age.

This cream part of the famous line of creams to LUMINESCE ’ elimination of wrinkles wrinkle effects can already be seen in a few weeks of use.

And’ It should be noted that this cream aiuta il la pelle del vostro viso a ristabilire il naturale equilibrio e la fa ringiovanire.


The day face cream LUMINESCE moisturizing daily moisturizing complex has a sun protection factor 30 and helps the skin to not suffer the signs of ’ air pollution such as the Sun, smog etc.

Questa crema viso inoltre contiene 200 fattori di crescita ed ha la funzione di auto-riparare naturalmente la pelle. And’ It should be noted that the creams Jeunesse are unique and are all born after several years of study and experimentation on the ’ man/woman and are patented so beware of imitations.

The moisturizing day cream LUMINESCE daily moisturizing complex is the perfect solution for skin care.

Moisturizes the skin, renew and rivitalizzala at the cellular level and keep it young, lacking patches, lines and wrinkles.

Puoi acquistare la crema giorno idratante Luminesce anti-ageing By Clicking Here

How to become a distributor Jeunesse Global

read the previous article ’:Why become a Youth Global Distributor

Here now we will see how to register and how to become distributor Jeunesse Global

Go to the website http://dietabellezza.jeunesseglobal.com/ and click on “Sign up now

P.S.: How do you see the name listed on the page is different from my. Because? Simple help my network of colleagues to grow so my task is not only sell products but help others to grow and earn… just what you need to do (If you haven't read “Why become a Youth Global Distributor“)

If you need more information call Joseph toll free 800 032 874

Click “Subscribe now” as in image ’:

registrazione distributore jeunesse global

Select country:, the language and click “Continue” :

registrazione distributore jeunesse

Click in the box “I agree” and click on “Go on”

come diventare distributore jeunesse italia

Fill in the Form as in the ’ example:

come diventare distributore jeunesse italia

Continue filling out fields as in the ’ example

come distribuire prodotti

come diventare distributore jeunesse italia e guadagnare

Select the Starter Kit that gives you the right to have the site, the control panel of your customers and employees, access to all documentation in various languages and ’ use of marketing tools

come vendere i prodotti jeunesse

Here select the package that best suits you. Remember that you can choose the promotional package once. The higher the package (as the amount) more products are included in the package and most important is your discount package.

You can also manually choose the products you want to order. To do so, please “flag” the voice “Create-A-Package. In this case the products that I recommend to enter, at least one of each, are:

  • LUMINESCE ™ cellular rejuvenation serum
  • LUMINESCE ™ daily moisturizing complex
  • LUMINESCE ™, advanced night repair
  • LUMINESCE ™ essential body renewal
  • Instantly Ageless ™ (vials)

vendere le creme antirughe jeunesse

Select Paycard

jeunesse global italia

Down the page you will find the AUTOSHIP OPTION ’.

Select one of the items in the list ’ for a total of at least 60 HP.

’ you remove the Autoship at any time from the control panel.

What is autoship ’ ’? The ’ is the ’ autoship automatic sending of products each month. This gives you the advantage of achieving a month 60CV give you the right to earn on your network of associates and customers who sign up as “Preferential Customers” or buy products via your personal internet site Jeunesse.

vendere e guadagnare

distributore jeunesse global

You're almost done! Click “Complete Registration”

come lavorare con le creme jeuenesse italia

This is a “Fac-simile” of your order. Select the shipping method you want

and click on “Please SELECT Your” to select your method of payment. Being a new distributor you can only choose “Credit card”.

come diventare distributore jeunesse

Click “Same billing Mailing” so that you retain the data that you entered previously. Remember that the ’ address must be complete number where the carrier will deliver the goods.

Enter the Fiscal Code, and Select the credit card that you have (Visa, MasterCard, JBC, Master). The site is totally secure and you should not be afraid to enter your credit card information. If your intention is not to leave the credit card stored just do not select “Please retain this information for Autoship”guadagnare da casa con le creme jeunesse

Congratulations! you've completed your first order and you joined the network of distributors of MonaVie products and that Youth will give you my personal welcome.

You will receive an e-mail with the summary and your login to control panel.

Contact me toll free 800 032 874 so we can know and be able to activate the various information channels reserved which group: L ’ access to the group we created on WhatsApp and Facebook.

If you need more information call Joseph toll free 800 032 874

Why become a Distributor ...

On this page you have the opportunity to discover ’:

  • Why become a product distributor Jeunesse Global

  • How to become a distributor Jeunesse Global

completa l'ordine e la registrazione e risparmia sui prodotti jeunesse

READ ALSO: How and where to buy Jeuensse products

As you know Jeunesse ’ Global is a company that does not offer the normal beauty creams but special creams to solve skin problems such as:

  • Remove wrinkles from your face
  • Permanently delete the bags from the eyes
  • Remove stretch marks
  • Permanently delete the small scar from the face and body
  • Permanently delete the signs of ’ age from the face and body
  • Elimination in 2 minutes of bags under the eyes (Instant cream which lasts 8 at 10 hours)

Also these products together with Jeunesse Global find the solution on how to lose weight fast and not resume more weight.

And’ a miracle?? NO, is only high technology patented by Jeunesse applied to beauty creams.

Jeunesse Global is the first company in the world to have applied stem cell technology for skin care! No Botox and stuff, only products that are safe and without side effects!

Other product is importatissimo Monavie Active and Monavie Essential, These two products are not of but of American ’ Jeunesse MonaVie. Thanks to the agreement signed in ’ 2015 Jeunesse Global distributors have exclusive ’ of sale of these products throughout the world, in fact, MonaVie has entrusted the sale of those products to the Global Youth (that is one of the first companies in the world in terms of turnover and sales network).

Why become a product distributor Jeunesse Global

Who is already an entrepreneur has already figured out the reason for the “Why become a product distributor Jeunesse Global”, If you're an entrepreneur you don't discourage reasons are as follows:

  • Unique products of their kind in fact anti aging creams of Youth you can find them from other companies, products fabulous anti oxidants (Monavie Active & MonaVie Essential) (read above), products that you can't find in the supermarket or other stores
  • High profit margin on the sale of products (read “How and where to buy products Jeunesse“)
  • Different possibilities to acquire customers (direct sales, selling via the internet, cheap ’ abroad, etc.)
  • Earn without having to deal with paperwork, taxes, licenses, etc. in fact is the ’ company that does it all. You have the only task to acquire customers, work and earn, everything else does Jeunesse.
  • THE MORE’ IMPORTANT: Creating your sales and earnings for the rest of my life and beyond….. In fact the sales network that you create the legacy you leave to your children, his wife, your cohabiting etc….

This last point is perhaps one of the most important. With Jeunesse Global you can create your own real company but without all the chores that entrepreneurs are to bear (particularly in Italy).

But it's all legal? Yes of course, This dates back to the days of opportunities “Mussolini” that has made it possible for Italian citizens to earn with the so-called “small trade” (actually, today is not… Fortunately taxes for this business are not changed). In other countries around the world this kind of trade was specially regulated and also favored but in Italy have not yet updated the ’ (forse è una fortuna 🙂 perché per come sono i nostri politici anziché favorirla la tasserebbero di più, don't you think?…. However in the world Italy ’ for this “small trade” is called a “tax haven”, very good no? ).

This brief period closed, THIS AND’ A ’ GREAT OPPORTUNITY’ by easy money but remember it's a BUSINESS JOB and as such if you work then GAINS, If you LOOK at the money you don't give them none!!

What I meant with earn from the sales that you make?

In traditional trade means that earnings and profits that make your job agents or distributors, This working method is more or less the same just change the terms or names used. In practice as well as gain on sale of products you sell (It's called direct sales) you have the option to allow other people to do work (and even companies) with you and the ’ company on all earnings that will make your “distributors” you will recognize a cash prize. SIMPLE NO?!

These gains of course will multiply all ’ infinity in when your collaborators “here called independent distributors” have your own ability so much more they earn the more you will earn. In this business system all work together and help others to earn because if your distributor will earn earn money.

Because I said that this is the most important point? Simple… because you alone you'd sell 100 creme, with 10 I'd sell employees 1.000 with 100 It'll sell 10,000 employees…. so if you help your employees to work with their other earn and your income will grow and indirect will multiply as a result.

If you want to talk to me about this opportunity, call me toll free 800.032 874, my name is Joseph.

Continue reading aboutHow to become a distributor Jeunesse Global


You might also be interested in “How to save on buying creams ’ Jeunesse

How to save on buying creams ’ Jeunesse

How to become a preferred customer Jeunesse

and save on the purchase of ’ creme Jeunesse

If you read the article ’ “How and where to buy products Jeunesse” now I will explain how to register on the site Jeunesse to buy as “Preferred Customer” (“Preferred Customer“) and buy the creams and products with substantial savings ....

Nell’esempio dell’articolo precedente hai visto che pagheresti la crema “LUMINESCE ™ cellular rejuvenation serum” in 87,27 Euro + VAT instead of 116,31 Euro + VAT and shipping saving approximately € 35,43 (including VAT).

Here are the steps to follow:

in) Go to the website http://dietabellezza.jeunesseglobal.com/ and click on “Preferred Customer” as in the image below

risparmiare sull'acquisto delle creme jeunesse

and then fill out forms as shown in the following pictures (’ click on the image for a larger view)

jeunesse global registrazione cliente preferenziale per risparmiare

As the username Board of insert (If free is the name of your city + Italy for example: romaitalia (This is because if you want to become distributor the people looking on search engines such as “Jeunesse Rome” You'll have more chances of being found)

jeunesse global registrazione cliente preferenziale per risparmiare

risparmiare sui prodotti jeunesse acquista in offerta

completa l'ordine e la registrazione e risparmia sui prodotti jeunesse

Jeunesse is a secure shopping site and enter your credit card information.

Take it easy/to put them all customers and distributors. If you fear to enter your credit card information, After that you did Send you can access the control panel and delete your card details and no data will remain on the card Jeunesse website.

Per qualsiasi problema nel fare l’ordine o nel registrarti as “Preferred customer” Jeunesse call the Toll-free 800 032 874.

If you want to buy only products Monavie Active or Monavie Essential go to the website http://www.acai-e-salute.it


How and where to buy products Jeunesse Italy

Where to buy products Jeunesse Italy

As I'm sure you know Jeunesse ’ is the company that has developed and patented the fantastic creams that make wrinkles disappear, eyes bags, scars and in general are REALLY disappearing signs of age ’.

How and where to buy products Jeunesse Italy?

Jeunesse products are sold by distributors Youth Italia but you have the option to purchase them from the site Jeunesse Italia a prezzi molto più vantaggiosi (This is because if you buy “by hand” the Distributor must earn…. and seem right or because they should sell and let them know??).

In facts, you 2 ways to purchase products Jeunesse (online and at the Distributor) and 4 different possibilities of price

We see price options:

  1. retail price from Distributor Jeunesse Italian Italy
  2. retail price from the website Jeunesse Global Italy
  3. price “Preferred Customer”
  4. prezzo al distributore Youth Italia

The retail price by the Distributor and the retail price from the website are the same i.e. you buy from the site or buy it from doesn't matter the equal pay.

But how SAVE MONEY and Jeunesse products Global Italy in Prices?

Simple!! Go to the website Jeunesse Italia (http://dietabellezza.jeunesseglobal.com/ ), Register as “Preferred Customer” (“Preferred Customer“) and buy almost the price of the Distributor.

dove acquistare i prodotti jeunesse

UNA volta cliccato su “Preferred Customer” (“Preferred Customer“), you will see the following page and you can buy the “LUMINESCE ™ cellular rejuvenation serum” in 75 Euro + VAT instead of 99,97 Euro + VAT and shipping.

CLICK HERE per sapere come registrarti come “Preferred Customer” (“Preferred Customer“)

THIRD OPTION’ to purchase products from Distributor prices Jeunesse

The third option is to register as a Distributor Jeunesse. The benefits are many, not only in the price, for example you will be an official distributor Jeunesse, you will have a personal website, You'll be in good standing with taxes and You can sell products around the world (friends in Germany, in France and even in Africa, Asia and Americas) (There are no particular formalisms, the ’ Jeunesse company pay taxes on your earnings to the State and there will be no need to put it in the tax declaration etc.… Basically it works as savings bonds in the sense that the money that you take will be after taxes).

Not least who becomes jeunesse distributor can sell Monavie Active and the Monavie Essential.

Anyway…. how much would you pay the product that we have as (one of the best selling) It “LUMINESCE ™ cellular rejuvenation serum“, I would pay only 64,25 Euro + VAT and transport i.e. 10 euros in less than “Preferred Customer”.


Want to know how and Why become Italy Distributor Jeunesse? Click Here

Jeunesse Italy

Anti-Aging Jeunesse Global Information

Anti-Aging Company


Company Profile

  • Founded: 2009
  • Headquarters: Altamonte Springs, Fla.
  • Executive Team: Randy Ray, Founder, CEO; Wendy Lewis, Founder, COO; Rob Dawson, Chief Legal Officer; Scott A. Lewis, Chief Visionary Officer; Ryan Ogden, Chief Financial Officer; Darren Jensen, Chief Sales Officer; Brandon Scott, Chief Marketing Officer; Debbie Kurley, Director of Customer and VIP Relations; Lucy West, Director of Sales; David Matichak, Director of International Logistics; Geri Dorman, Director of Research and Network Administration; Colin McCormick, Director of Field Communications and Events; and Miguel A. Beas, Director of Latin America.
  • Products: anti-aging
  • Jeunesse list of all site in the world

Beginning with its auspicious launch date—09-09-09—four short years ago, Jeunesse Global prioritized international platforms and expansion over an early domestic sizzle. The U.S.-born and Florida-headquartered direct selling company bucked trends, focusing energy and resources on efficient global infrastructure, and by all measures the strategy paid off.

The status quo launch pulls most U.S.-based direct selling companies toward establishing a hot brand—marketing that’s worthy of building U.S. consumer markets fast—but Jeunesse didn’t go that direction. Instead, they prioritized less glamorous but highly lucrative projects that would increase growth abroad. They registered products, established in-country entities, obtained licenses and joined direct selling associations across the globe.

Anti-Aging Company

It took three years and the diligence of a behind-the-scenes focused couple like founders Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray to build a highly sustainable, global footprint—one that now boasts more than 20 operational offices with 200 employees; 200,000 distributors; and customers in 85 countries around the world.

It’s little wonder Wendy and Randy set up shop beyond the glitzy fray of marketing to build Jeunesse. For the better part of two decades prior to the company’s launch, the pair created back office computer systems necessary for direct selling startups to grow into big-name players in the industry.

Jeunesse Global now boasts more than 20 operational offices with 200 employees; 200,000 distributors; and customers in 85 countries around the world.

Their work was all about the details—writing computer code for software systems that expedited shipping and created efficient customer support programs that produced loyalty.

As launch sequences go, Wendy and Randy’s work was as vital to these direct selling startups as Randy’s previous programming success was to NASA when his team’s efforts propelled the Space Shuttle into space in the early 1980s. (In his early 30s, Randy earned a huge commission after selling a launch processing system to NASA.)

Maybe the influence of Randy’s early contributions to the advancement of space travel is at work in the Jeunesse corporate philosophy, because there’s a visionary and pioneering bent to this company that goes beyond its unconventional launch. It permeates everything—product development, use of technology and even corporate philanthropy.

The Direct Selling Association awarded Jeunesse Global with the ETHOS Rising Star Award in June 2013 for their dedication to achieving high standards of excellence in business performance, while celebrating the company’s spirit, dedication and philanthropy. For Jeunesse, it was yet another acknowledgment that their pioneering spirit is delivering at mach speed.

Jeunesse Founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis Jeunesse Founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis

Pioneering Medical Technology

Randy Ray’s knees were shot—not literally, but his time spent as a soldier in Vietnam, paired with the abuses of aging, had eroded the cartilage in both knees. He was in pain and looking for a solution when President Barack Obama signed legislation legalizing stem cell research in March 2009.

It wasn’t long before Randy and Wendy caught a flight to Beverly Hills to visit world-renowned cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist Dr. Nathan Newman. They were intrigued with a new injectable procedure intended to regrow cartilage using a patient’s own stem cells from adipose or fat tissue.

Stem cell technology, they learned, had far more applications than eliminating Randy’s knee pain. Dr. Newman had the world’s only stem cell skincare facial serum that would minimize premature aging without surgery. It was cutting edge without the use of a scalpel or laser.

Scott A. Lewis, anti-aging creamsScott A. Lewis

“Ding, ding! The light went on,” says Scott A. Lewis, Jeunesse’s Chief Visionary Officer. Instinctively, Wendy and Randy’s years in close proximity to the direct selling industry kicked in. They tried the serum and loved it. Brainstorming, eventually their pioneering spirits told them what came next—Jeunesse.

Wendy and Randy had no illusions about launching a direct selling business, but together they had experienced much entrepreneurial success and had taken multiple companies public. Scott says they had seen “the good, the bad and the ugly.” Hard work inspired them. They’d tried to retire before, but it never stuck. So the two set out to build Jeunesse—a pioneering, no-nonsense kind of company.

anti-aging creams

Pioneering Product Philosophy

Jeunesse—whose name translated from the French means “youth”—adopted a broad, pioneering product philosophy at the outset. “We wanted to be one of the most innovative, progressive network marketing companies in regard to anti-aging technologies. We wanted to create our own niche, our own identity and focus on youth enhancement, which would ultimately establish our culture,” Scott says.

Propelled forward by stem cell technology’s ability to utilize growth factors to support the body’s natural power to renew, restore and rejuvenate the skin, Jeunesse launched in 2009 with Luminesce, a cellular rejuvenation skincare serum. Enhancements to Dr. Newman’s formula allowed Luminesce international compliance, and it became the company’s flagship product.

But Jeunesse was never going to be exclusively about anti-aging skincare. Their second product, Reserve, harnessed the power of resveratrol just when studies were showing its ability to activate the Sirtuin 1 gene, which can delay or slow the aging process. Reserve, one of the first gel-based antioxidant supplements, soon anchored the Jeunesse nutritional line.

“We wanted to be one of the most innovative, progressive network marketing companies in regard to anti-aging technologies.”
—Scott A. Lewis, Chief Visionary Officer

The company’s innovative, youth-enhancing product scope expanded most recently in 2013 with the exclusive rights to TA-65® and the launch of Jeunesse Finiti. Based on Nobel Prize-winning research, the patented TA-65® is meant to enhance the length of critically short telomeres.

Telomeres are a shoestring-like attachment to chromosomes. Some 8,000 scientific studies directly relate shortened or broken telomeres to the aging process.

“You can look outside and inside the industry when it comes to anti-aging and see that the stem cell technology of our skincare line is unique, especially the technology we have in Finiti with TA-65®. It’s pretty exciting, innovative and exclusive stuff that we’re working with,” Scott says.

Today, a call to embrace “Generation Young” is reverberating throughout the Jeunesse distributor field as the company’s Jeunesse Youth Enhancement System—affectionately dubbed Y.E.S.—continues to evolve and bring forth new anti-aging technologies.

Pioneering Direct Selling Technology

Youth Enhancement System, anti-aging creams

“You can look outside and inside the industry when it comes to anti-aging and see that the stem cell technology of our skincare line is unique, especially the technology we have in Finiti with TA-65®. It’s pretty exciting, innovative and exclusive stuff that we’re working with.”
—Scott A. Lewis

Easily delivering samples of those pioneering products into the hands of consumers across the globe took a feat of technological expertise.

J-Social, part of the company’s larger J-World marketing platform, is more than a way for distributors to learn the ins and outs of Facebook and Twitter. This system allowed Jeunesse to build a shopping cart and video widget within any social media environment around the world. The implications of which, for a global company, are incredible.

“One of our distributors can send a prospecting video asking a prospect if they’d be interested in trying the product. Literally, that prospect, within Facebook or any social media environment, can enter their credit card information to get a sample. They just pay for shipping. All of this processes directly within the social media environment,” Lewis says. The patented technology is called Cinsay, and Jeunesse currently has exclusive licensing rights.

Anti-Aging: Jeunesse revolutionary technology of beauty creams

The company’s insistence on global accessibility and understanding of everything—from prospecting and sampling technologies like J-Social to multilingual customer service and back office support to global enrollment—factors largely into their success. Even the significance of the number “9” in Chinese culture—meaninglongevity—was woven into their online corporate launch (09-09-09).

No detail was too small for this company so focused on the world as their marketplace. And the world has repaid them time and again. Zero to $126 million in three years.

Some 8,000 distributors from 30 countries and hundreds of cultures gathered recently in Thailand for “We Are Generation Young” to celebrate Jeunesse Global’s fourth anniversary, on the heels of a record-breaking month in both sales ($30 million) and recruitment (25,000).

Best anti-aging products

The Direct Selling News Global 100, a list of the top direct selling companies in the world, ranked Jeunesse No. 82 in 2012. They placed third on the list for greatest growth for 2012 at 93.8 percent. With sales of $180 million as of September 2013, Jeunesse projects sales will be $250 million by year’s end, taking the growth curve to 125 percent for 2013.

“We feel Jeunesse is in a unique position to leverage our global platform by closing out this year in record fashion. We have set up a solid global infrastructure, which we feel will allow the company to not only expand our current foundational leadership but sustain the growth for many years to come,” Scott says.

Asia Pacific is about 80 percent of Jeunesse’s revenue, according to Scott, which is unusual for a company started in the United States. In fact, of Jeunesse Global’s top 10 markets with respect to revenue, the U.S. marketplace ranks eighth.

Jeunesse emerged from the back office last year and donned the appropriate “window dressing” for the U.S. market, undergoing a branding makeover. “We’re still a ground-floor opportunity when it comes to the U.S. market, Europe and Latin America,” Scott says. “Even though Jeunesse has the infrastructure and the platform of a 4-year-old company, it’s still a very new, exciting, fresh opportunity for the U.S. market.”

Scott continues, “It’s refreshing for a leader to find a company that they’ve never heard about that has truly innovative anti-aging products and a very lucrative financial rewards plan, with owners and an executive team like ours and a family culture. They can literally put people into the business and share the products from almost anywhere in the world.”

From a corporate perspective, the pressure to “go global” simply doesn’t exist. Jeunesse has been there and done that. They started their business focused on the intricacies of operating in a broader world. They worked through the challenges, got over the speed bumps and readied the infrastructure for a global distributor base to soar to new direct selling heights.

Some 8,000 distributors from 30 countries and hundreds of cultures gathered recently in Thailand for “We Are Generation Young” to celebrate Jeunesse Global’s fourth anniversary.

Pioneering Compassion and Philanthropy

anniversary event in Thailand. Best anti-aging company information businessMore activities at Jeunesse’s recent anniversary event in Thailand.

With sales of $180 million as of September 2013, Jeunesse projects sales will be $250 million by year’s end, taking the growth curve to 125 percent for 2013.


Regardless of where distributors live, how old or young they may be, their gender or educational background, it is the Jeunesse Global mission to provide a level playing field. “Everybody has the same opportunity to leverage our platform in creating their own success story,” Scott says.

Distributors located a world away from Wendy and Randy’s home base in Florida feel the “home” the couple has established at Jeunesse, he says. There’s a family-oriented culture that creates a sense of place, security and fairness for all who are connected to the company. Wendy and Randy, in many ways, head the family and connect to their field as parents would. “There’s love in their hearts, and people just get a warm feeling when they speak,” Scott says of watching the pair onstage at large, international Jeunesse events.

But this caretaking atmosphere translates beyond Jeunesse itself and into the world’s communities where they do business. Because nothing is more valuable than human life, Jeunesse established Jeunesse Kids, the charitable arm of the company, dedicated to feeding children.

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“It’s something that really touched people’s hearts when we launched it last year at our Evolution conference in Hong Kong. It has become a big part of our culture,” Scott says.

Since announcing their partnership with Global Village Champions Foundation, a nonprofit founded by 2012 and 2013 Nobel Peace Prize nominee Yank Barry, Jeunesse distributors have raised enough funds to feed more than 3 million children around the world.

“We’re very much a global company with a global platform and presence, so we wanted to be sure we were aligning ourselves with an organization that could get the food to the children where we wanted to focus our efforts,” Scott says.

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Global Village Champions has been feeding hungry kids the world over since the early 1990s. Their networks of volunteers provide soy protein meals in more than 40 countries, and donations go to hungry people in immediate need. By year’s end, Jeunesse distributors will feed 6 million meals to children in China.

Official site: http://creamsbeautyageless.jeunesseglobal.com

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